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Partners for Incentives has incentive merchandise catalogs your employees will love

Catalog IconDeluxe Award Collection

PFI has doubled the number of merchandise awards and added to our already extensive list of manufacturers to present the most exciting and impressive merchandise offering yet! The 2014 Deluxe Award Collection boasts over 8100 brand name merchandise awards, including the most popular awards and sought after brands in the industry: Apple, Fendi, LeCruset, Sony, Burberry, Coleman, Callaway and more! PFI has drastically added to and expanded to well over 900 brand lines, plus we offer individual travel, experiential travel and event tickets, providing an all-encompassing online vehicle ideal for virtually any program.

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Small Catalog IconDeluxe-Lite Award Point Catalog

A cost-effective award vehicle, mirroring the structure of the Deluxe Award Point Catalog. 642 merchandise awards are featured in this 64-page full color catalog. All merchandise in the Deluxe-Lite Award Point Catalog is available for online redemption programs.

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Levels IconPlateau Awards Catalog

The Plateau Awards Catalog is available with 12 collections, ranging from $25.00 to $1000.00 conveniently bound under one cover or as individual plateau level books. For those who prefer a paperless option, we provide 24 collections online, ranging from $25.00 to $5000.00. All these options can be used as a point-based vehicle or for a traditional plateau level program.

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Tag IconReflections Service Recognition Collection

14 collections of brand name traditional, contemporary and lifestyle merchandise.

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Plane IconVacation Points Brochure

Over 100 individual travel awards including airline tickets, cruises and hotel stays make this brochure the perfect addition to any of the merchandise catalog or brochures offerings above.

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Canadian Flag IconCanadian Awards Catalog

Full color catalog featuring over 400 merchandise selections for those programs with participants residing in Canada.

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Gift Card IconAdministration Vehicles

  • Gift Cards
  • "Way to Go!" Point Cards
  • EPoints Electronic Points Card
  • "Safety First" Scratch-Off Point Cards
  • "Safety First" Promotional Posters
All award offerings in the catalogs and brochures above are available for online programs.